Corroded Utopia (2010)

by Eastern Sunz

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The Fifth Full Length Studio Album


released June 1, 2010

Treadmill Of Production
Produced by Smoke

Produced by Smoke

Up In Flames
Feat. Smoke
Produced by Smoke

Produced by Timeless Beats

Begging For Change
Feat. Ricky Pharoe
Produced by Smoke

Time Is Running Out
Produced by P Smoov

Produced by Crook

Feat. Poeina Suddarth
Produced by Smoke

Burying Myself Alive
Produced by Smoke

Corroded Utopia
Feat. Promoe
Produced by Smoke
*Flute by Def-I for Skull Control Records
*Guitar by Tim Pollock

All Eastern Sunz vocals were recorded, mixed, and mastered by Smoke at The Slef Ranch

Promoe and Poeina Suddarth were recorded by
Zebulon Dak at Momentum Studios

All scratching by DJ Flip Flop except
Time Is Running Out by DJ Zone One

Promoe appears courtesy of David vs Goliath

Artwork by Ryan Lewis

We are independent artists by name, but blessed with an invaluable support system. Sincere thanks to all our family, friends, fans, and peers who make everything possible.



all rights reserved


Eastern Sunz Portland

Eastern Sunz provide a fresh take on sociopolitical issues which has landed them the Independent Music Award for Album of the Year, the Eco Arts Awards Grand Prize, first place in the International Songwriting Competition, and the John Lennon songwriting contest grand prize. ... more

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Track Name: Treadmill Of Production
I told my man, but he just wasn't hearing it,
I showed my fam, but they just wasn't seeing it.
And all my teachers, yo they just wasn't bringing it,
play on the cd, a few was rap singing it.
But on the radio, there's nobody saying shit,
and on the TV, y’all everyone was loving it.
I'd point the finger, but it's hard to criticize,
it's like magic right in front of your eyes.
I’m mesmerized by the…

Treadmill of production,
where consumption, that’s your function.
Said it’s the treadmill of production,
mad consumption, that’s your function.

Travis T
We're coming out swinging, we're coming out bringing the heat,
and where there's Smoke, there's fire on the beat.
We came to move your mind, but we'll start it with your feet,
I said we'll start it with a party then we'll riot in the streets.
What do you expect from the son of former hippies?
I simply carry with me the spirit of the 60's.
And take solace in all of the small victories,
if all of y’all are with me, we'll stand tall eventually.
It takes time, but we've come a long way,
underground, underdogs, understand when we say:
We will not be defeated by these bottom feeders,
you know you're doing something right when you got
them heated.
Call their bluff and watch them fold like a cheap suit,
ctrl, alt, delete these motherfuckers and reboot.
We break down your brick walls as fast as you can build them,
parents buy our CDs, and burn them for their children.

Compromised dreams and nefarious goals,
my people walk a rugged path with their heritage stole.
Turned around before I found no rabbit down in that hole,
just nightmares of the illuminati taking my soul.
Hypocritical, and fear I've done more ill than good,
Courage living generation once removed from the hood.
Let's be honest, aint nobody got no time for the trees,
when they're fending off extinction like the birds and the bees.
Shit, where's the love son, I’m sifting through these planets and stars,
still my universe stay colder than Mars.
Y'all kept me up to date and educated, latest diamonds and cars,
luxury design, tailor-made, and Cuban cigars.
Heard a nigga built a cell block out of sixteen bars,
tried to run a hundred miles but did not get far.
Superficial emcees already know who you are,
our fate revolving like a binary star.
Track Name: Run
Travis T
Sunz in the spot with a cause for the rebels,
why the fuck we feel like we got to advocate devils?
Pacifist nature, but these bastards so vile,
make me want to going clubbing Captain Caveman style.
I aint ready to die, I want to try and advance,
from the root, to the trunk, to the highest damn branch.
Touch the sky and touch the mind of the fans,
I'm just supplying the demand to get them high as my man.

Up out the guts on a planet torn by war and hatred,
we scrape this barrel on a prayer that we’ll find something sacred.
I wish that I could tell these children that we gonna make it,
but time is running out and Earth is being decimated.
And very little holds the truth of what it claim to be,
this corporatocracy the modern form of slavery.
Out in the wilderness was when the vision came to me,
so when I’m pushing play it sound y’all niggas rhyming aimlessly.

Travis T
I drive a stake in the heart of all these snakes in the garden,
and start taking them apart until they're begging my pardon.
When the clock strikes midnight the tribe will maraud,
and be armed with enough rifles to stifle a god.
Dispersing the riot guards, they don't want to talk,
better call them off or prepare for the Molotov.
It takes a little more than rubber bullets to stop us,
and more to make change than writing letters to Congress.
Show them who the boss is, synchronize our watches,
form an angry mob, and then run them out of office.
Running from the law with Courage my accomplice,
tell the Bible Belt to loosen up a couple notches.
I know it's been said that I'm preaching to the choir,
half man, half gas can, I’m trying to light a fire.
I'm trying to inspire the exposure of these liars,
a reason for treason in the dreams of freedom fighters.

Dreamchaser constantly avoiding obstacle,
a sea of non-believers telling me this shit's impossible.
Perhaps improbable, decade spitting spirit philosophical,
hit the books and stay up out the hospital.
We kept it positive and still they put their hands up,
cause when you fight this system, you get took away in handcuffs.
These oceans getting too acidic, these rappers too terrific,
outline their ill consumption real specific.
We're running out of time, proof is in the pudding y'all,
our graduates illiterate, our zenith is the nearest mall.
To hell with protocol, but Sunz gone bring it real hard,
travel round the planet, send these haters back a postcard.
I see these actors in the club fronting savage,
like this script this culture gave you gonna hand you a win.
I think they scared to put the conscious to verse,
rather sprint to the hearse, motherfuckers best prepare for the worst.
Track Name: Up In Flames (featuring Smoke)
Travis T
Stop the presses and strike up the band,
cause I came to send a message with the mic in my hand.
People fighting over resources, dying for land,
and we just let the evil empires try and expand.
We can bury our heads or draw a line in the sand,
against the ones ready strike and lay you right where you stand.
Live a firestarter, die a martyr, sayonara,
aint no time for waiting on a knight in shining armor.
The planet's gotten rotten at the surface and the core,
and the people walk around without a purpose anymore.
The tip of the melting iceberg, it’s just getting warm,
we'll need one hell of an umbrella to weather the shit storm.
You gotta ask yourself what your gonna do,
when we see world war three and civil war two.
And quite frankly I don't know about you,
but when shit hits the fan I won't be trying to stay cool.

Said one, two, one, two,
said I don’t know what to do.
So many problems to solve,
no time for getting involved.
My only hope is there’s a future for kids,
forced to grow up on a planet where it’s hostile to live.

Earth Mother, god we failed in so many ways,
look to the skies, they're polluted and gray.
Clear-cut forests bald-headed, totally shaved,
topsoil erodes and all the animals fade.
How we make it to this horrible phase?
Corporatocracy clench the whole world, sell their soul for what pays.
We're a virus like the bird flu and AIDS,
educated with good grades, still we don't know how to behave.
There was a time when fresh water was still drinkable,
now that be unthinkable, Pepsi bottle it and sell it to you.
There's nothing in the world like sitting under a tree,
but carnage be the only thing that I see, and tree stumps.
Cause we dumps pollution into oceans and streams,
transforming them to toxic it seems,
there's no regard for other living beings, just the diamonds and bling,
infatuation with material things.

The world going down in kerosene dreams,
conflict diamond in the rough, sipping poison out of streams.
It’s progress, baby, I mean deformed babies,
Monsanto thanks thee for consuming the virus.
Now let’s contaminate the dirt, extrapolate the worth,
laminate the hurt, dominate and intoxicate the Earth.
Word to wasteland, industrial taste, waste bland,
pass the petrol chemicals so I can build castles out of radiated sand.
Bathe in blood bank, bailout, fractional-reserve system, sell out,
genetically modified monster made out of carcinogens and fallout.
Now fill out these forms,
Big Brother is watching you getting high off the toxins.
Of course, better open your eyes before you wake up,
and hear the sound of troops boots marching.
Track Name: Sincerity
Travis T
It all started out back in the days when we would rock it,
at the house parties with the “DJ In A Box” kit.
Pouring out my soul to have a handful hear it,
with no one at the show they told us play for the spirits.
When CDs get scratched up they're no longer useful,
but when records get scratched up it's so damn beautiful.
And I can rock a deck until my hands perspire,
I’m just trying to keep our name up at the top of the flyer.
I’m done with jumping hurdles, now I’m only running through them,
make the people say I’m moving at a pace that isn’t human.
We've come a long way, you can't deny it at all,
basic formula’s the same, but the style's evolved.
A little counter-culture and civil disobedience,
positive progression, just a few of the ingredients.
Years spent, miles traveled, plus patience and practice,
we've paid enough dues to write it off on our taxes.
The rap biz has got more pricks than a cactus,
so we came into the game to flip the script like a mattress.
The fact is we're changing the perception of what rap is,
and putting the Pacific Northwest on the atlas.
These days it's getting tough to seek acceptance,
people think you can't dance to music with a message.
If I see it, then I write it, let the lyrics reflect it,
might not like it, but damn well better respect it.

Y'all brothers rock it for your fans or the industry?
Cause everything the Sunz got, we did this independently.
We keep it honest like my people rocking way back when,
at the party hollering DJ come on play that gem.

It's hard work and dedication up in Sunz camp,
roots grow through the underground, blossom like the bomb plant.
Proper nutrients and sunshine, hid away from one time,
strong content, proudly unsigned.
Refuse to be the fucking hostage,
like niggas spitting phony garbage for the radio and corporate office.
Exhausted rappers spit obnoxious,
superficial nonsense and albums void of content.
Years of focus got success coming steadily,
tour the world as fan base grows exponentially.
Getting paid, but rock it for the love essentially,
no handouts, shit aint popping off coincidentally.
This situation here as real as it gets,
sacred planet we can't seem to protect.
Peep the conflict complex, chill or catch a slug to the chest,
as we all consume resources until there aint nothing left.
Track Name: Begging For Change (featuring Ricky Pharoe)
Travis T
Lives hang in the balance, a fallacy is all it is,
a high stakes game played with currency and politics.
New World disorder, anarchy, and chaos,
everything will fall, and it's all because of payoffs.
The one's controlling Washington is blatantly obvious,
the K Street mafia, AKA the lobbyists.
The lesser of two evils is still evil,
pay close enough attention and the mask is still see through.

No transparency, choices made behind closed doors,
like fuck a vote, bitch we going to war.
They’re dropping bombs on the poor, black people, bloody far away shores,
then kick back, have a drink, and watch the stock market soar.
That's why these rappers pretty soft at the core,
claim they keeping it real, but peep the issues that they'd rather ignore.
She told me rap just aint the same anymore, it's all garbage,
and boils down to money took it's heart and soul hostage.

Ricky Pharoe
I make make money, they take take from me,
jack me and tax me, and wonder why I’m hungry.
Fuck that, I’ll come back and hijack your Humvee,
then drive it through the White House front doors, fuck me.
No I mean fuck you, hello Mr. President,
I got a couple debts to collect, so get up and settle it.
It’s so effortless the way they dig a deficit,
and live inside a palace telling me to feel the fellowship.
What, motherfuck AIG, you need to bail my ass out, I’m on EBT.
You need twenty-five cars while I starve,
and you still have the nerve to go charge me an overdraft fee?
Barack Obama, change to believe in,
wish I could believe, but I have no reason.
Pretty soon you’ll be begging for the change though,
spare change bitch, yeah I hope you brought a raincoat.

We strive to keep it moving, view this world through many lenses,
deontological, consequentialist.
Got fake niggas looking at me pensive,
like intellectuals up in the game somehow offensive.
Shit, I'd rather see a doctor or a dentist,
that represent the hood with some skills that's comprehensive.
Fashion show, petty shit is the consensus,
and niggas flatlining cause the price tag was expensive.

Travis T
Vital signs stable, label me pretentious,
in a maze with six million ways that we can end this.
Look at me, such a good little worker bee,
keep the system running so the queen can get the honey.
There is no god, there is no country,
pray to profit, pledge allegiance to money.
Ignore the poor, the sick, tired, and hungry,
put more in the budget for war, isn't it lovely?
Track Name: Time Is Running Out
Time is running out, all my people suit yourself, but I’m a stand up,
they strip our freedom and they lock us down in handcuffs.
Then paint a picture like nobody understands us,
but they’re the hypocrites when it comes to providing answers.
The way that they got all their money was they killed people,
trained us to fear the unknown, called our gods evil.
So now we stand on the brink, our climate getting lethal,
message in a bottle, send it off, and hope it reach you.

Look, I was raised to give praise for the old ways,
principles Lakota, but I’m Choctaw, someone feel me.
Pops out the hood, so most these rappers looking awfully silly,
make a million dollars, don’t give back to their communities.
This nigga talking about the game aint gone change me,
signed the dotted line and then reverted back to slavery.
Tend to reflect upon the gifts creator gave me,
and celebrate my freedom in a world that’s going crazy.
I come from Ashland, build with family and smoke dimes,
contemplate the future, reminisce on old times.
Then hit the forest for the symphony of alpines,
sit under a tree and then proceed to write some dope rhymes.
Live on a planet where the leaders carry big guns,
sell cocaine to children just to supplement their income.
I seek out knowledge to enhance my inner wisdom,
while Earth is suffering from chronic respiratory symptoms.

Travis T
I’m inspired by it all from the bright lights to dim bars,
sit and reflect, trying to Renoir my memoirs.
And when I start, I don’t stop until the pen’s parched,
giving those living in prison the strength to bend bars.
No time for liars and fakes, I don’t fuck with them,
the world is mine, stay on my grind like bruxism.
Enough’s enough, but you can never have too much wisdom,
hustlers for justice to buck this corrupt system.
We making moves and move the world at the same time,
blood, sweat, and tears, in the music you can taste mine.
Baseline by P Smoov, what we use to break spines,
wake minds and free you to see through the great lies.
History’s shown the best way to make change is,
uprise the masses, show them bastards we’re dangerous.
So let’s go ape shit, get angry, and break shit,
they’re fucking with our freedom, we can’t just let them take it.
Track Name: Ashes
Fire in the sky, floods on the ground,
like that y’all.
Masonic temples in every state and town,
fascists, fascists, the whole world round.
Species extinction, gone without a sound,
check it out y’all.
They take your weed stock and throw you to the ground,
fascists, fascists, the whole world round.

This here's the path I've chosen, got to keep my plans in motion,
for grandchildren and polluted ocean.
We keep it moving like the land erosion, temperature rising,
CO2 emissions, and corporate downsizing.
Still optimistic, but it's hard from getting cynical,
Eastern Sunz reach for the pinnacle.
Peep the fucking criminal, posing like they stellar individual,
pimp you for your physical, conscious and subliminal.

Travis T
For the unfortunate others, not in the portion above us,
you know, the Fortune 500s and the Porches and Hummers.
And now they push and they shove us, and try and tell us they love us,
and steady feed us full of falsehoods and treat us like numbers.

This world is dog-eat-doggy, my bong chamber keeping foggy,
eyeing this game like an expensive hobby.
The more they cocky, more they suck probably, shit's ridiculous,
broke niggas fronting like they television images.
My people can I get some witnesses?
Spit that real shit until the fallacy diminishes.

The future's looking ominous, cause we aint got no common sense,
our confidence is military dominance.
Spiritual consciousness is lost on global populous,
we dwell in the metropolis where Big Brother is watching us.

Travis T
Cops and such, lost compassion, tell the pigs, stop harassing,
on the spot, hot reaction, thunderstruck, lightning crashes.
Fight the power, Chuck and Flav, lives are lost, a penny saved,
fall in line, must obey, civil rights drift away.

Like I had a dream, but shit was hazy when I woke up,
back to the mall for some more stuff.

Travis T
They try to clone us into greedy little grown ups,
consumer culture, loans, and credit vultures own us.

And foreign interests buy our factories and corporations,
battling inflation, rising prices give to desperation.
These days it's hard to put a finger on the enemy,
the so-called terrorists or politicians representing me.
My people can I get some witnesses?
Spit that real shit until the fallacy diminishes.
Track Name: Balance (featuring Poeina Suddarth)
Travis T
I've seen the end of the road, but it seems so far,
you try to swim upstream, that's where the demons are.
Try to change the world, they try to chain your arms,
try to break the chains, they try to bring you harm.
They want to sing in the rain, I tell them sing this song,
tell them don't ever stop until the pain is gone.
I try to live my dreams, that's why I leave my jobs,
try to pray for peace, but can't believe in god.
At a time like this, cause it seems so hard,
got to reach down deep and try to beat the odds.
Try to raise your kids so they can raise the bars,
tell them think for themselves, tell them be who they are.
Tell them don’t ever stop until they reach the stars.

Don’t know what else to say love,
it seems my world just keep on drifting away.
My heart can’t seem to find to show me the way now,
I’m moving forward, lost, and further away. I’m further away.

Little queen, now look I know it seems,
this world gone shake you up, break you down by any means.
Listen to your dreams, observe the money fiends,
compromise their goals in life to make a little cream.
Academic command, broaden your wingspan,
permaculture approach, design your next plan.
From pertinent question seek the answers to find,
what feed your soul and make the sun gone shine.
Aint gonna front, cause this world filled with lunacy,
and very few people have a sense of true community.
Just lonely faces in a sea of ambiguity,
and predatory system trying to limit opportunity.
Whatever happens now, it's you and it's me,
deep connection like the moon and the sea.
It's that mysterious odd, with god looking over my squad,
and when I think of you it aint so hard.

I know that I can’t stay now,
I close my eyes to block the sunlight, watch the memories fade to gray.
Drifting slowly across the rainclouds,
I’m moving forward, lost, and further away. I’m further away.

Travis T
It's been said that sleep is the cousin of death,
then that means dreams are the cousin of heaven.
That makes nightmares the cousin of hell,
so waking up’s the cousin of resurrecting ourselves.
I respect where I dwell, but left the house and traveled,
got off the couch and discovered more than channels.
Just sitting at a window wondering about,
if I'm the one looking in or I’m the one looking out.
I look at my reflection, looking for protection,
looking for compassion, looking for direction.
Losing my religion, affected by affliction,
inspired by a vision to find a higher mission.
And one thing I've found is the challenge is the struggle for balance.
Track Name: Burying Myself Alive
Travis T
The world is a vampire sucking everybody’s blood,
welcome to the party, my name is m m m m mud.
And all I ever wanted was everyone to get along,
I thought it would be simple, I was infinitely wrong.
You know, like rainbows, and puppies, and kittens,
but that aint the real world, who the fuck was I kidding?
I just want to be a kid again, back before the nonsense,
I guess I’ll be the man with the Peter Pan complex.
I stand alone with my idealistic concepts,
I used to plead the Fifth, but now I’m pleading no contest.
I can’t take it anymore and so I’m faking it,
make the same mistakes and stay focused on the negative.
Dig my own grave and then proceed to go and lay in it,
how would I know the time when I don’t even know what day it is.
Work hard, play hard, just isn’t in my plan,
work as little as you have to, play as much as you can.
I’m trying to stay out of trouble while trying to have fun,
all I need’s a good woman, so why do I want the bad ones?
Times are changing, I’m growing less handsome,
my father’s got grandsons, Pablo’s got a handgun.
Damn son, the planet’s not safe,
better surround yourself with those who got faith.
I'll drink to that, hell I'll drink to anything,
I do this to myself, so please don't even try and pity me.

Time moves forward, rivers run dry,
buildings collapse, and planets collide.
I manage to put my better judgment aside,
and just keep on burying myself alive.

Travis T
Every dog has his day, and that’s it, that’s all you get,
and the world keeps spinning, just a big ball of shit.
Everyone knows best and everyone’s a critic,
and everything intriguing is probably a gimmick.
Everyone’s a sniper and everyone’s a target,
I’d sell my soul like that, but there’s no market.
Everyone is special and everyone’s a winner,
and everybody’s trying to eat each other’s hearts for dinner.
Nothing is sacred and no one can be trusted,
if you ask me, I’d say the golden rule has gotten rusted.
With the way that I’m living, it's too early to tell,
whether stairway to heaven or highway to hell.
Walked the thin line of limbo from the time that I was born,
playing ring toss with a halo on the devil's horns.
A man wiser than I said ignorance is bliss,
so pass me the motherfucking blue pill Morpheus.
The red pill is getting harder to swallow,
and our so-called leaders are getting harder to follow.
Am I a role model? It’s hard not to laugh,
as I drink a whole bottle and hold on to the past.
Move at full throttle, so I’m either gonna crash,
or I’m gonna sputter out cause I’m running out of gas.
I’m running out of cash and I’m running out of options,
running out of answers, and running from my problems.
Track Name: Corroded Utopia (featuring Promoe)
I can’t breathe in this claustrophobic clusterfuck,
roads are congested veins, cars cut them up.
Empty you out in the streets, you a customer,
everything is for sale over here, but what’s the cost of love?
I’d really like to know cause I can’t see no friendly smiles, only empty eyes.
And I’m not saying that I really know,
but I’ve been told that our eyes is the mirror of our soul.
So I’m looking for the soul on a quest for love,
I’m searching for my roots, let me bless the drums.
I feel a link to the past and the future,
to different cultures through the blast of the music.
My only sanctuary in this corroded utopia,
I got to thank the music and the words cause when I wrote them down,
it made me feel whole, made me think less about the corrosion of my soul.

I see through the lies,
and the shiny surface they advertise.
And how it’s gotten rotten to the core, I won’t swallow it no more,
I’m a spit it out on your folly politicians’ war on our lives.

I walk the road less traveled to the beat of my own drummer,
thinking cap backwards, winter, spring, summer.
Fall down, get up, again and then recover,
aim to ascertain and awaken from the slumber.
A cancer patient asking me to make a hopeful track,
looking in my eyes, now tell me how can I say no to that?
I told her life's a joke, it's sad that some folks will never laugh,
they took the words I spoke, and they wrote them on her epitaph.
I plot the path for the route of my plans,
without a doubt a higher power takes it out of my hands.
And if it's out of my hands, I wonder how will I stand,
the same questions being asked since the world began.
And let's face it, this place isn't all that it seems,
I’ve seen a lot of people fall trying to follow their dreams.
And when all of the leaves fall off of all of the trees,
a little piece of my shadow’s still following me.
Cause I aint any different than any other hypocrite,
a walking contradiction and here I am oblivious.
All I'm thinking about is how I'm stressed and don't make enough,
I should be giving praise every morning just for waking up.
Praise every morning, for waking up every morning.
I resisted my existence and eventually I grew to love it,
don't know how the story ends, but that's the beauty of it.

Winds of change, particles of plastic pulsing through my veins,
claims of progress, but it's mostly the same.
Contaminated cornucopia, corroded utopia,
ignorance and bliss gift wrapped with hate and xenophobia.
The third world looking outside in,
teaching the world that he who dies with the most toys wins.
An infinite budget called on for this era of indefinite wars,
but aint no food or education for the desperately poor.
Vampires in denial spend their Sundays in church,
then rape the poor and suck the blood of the Earth.
Y'all screaming politics first, they’re coming strapped with hate and Holy Quaran,
and tiny children highly gifted using firing arms.
And it's an inconvenient truth, my people put this world in a noose,
peep the lessons that we teach to the youth.
Paid off scientists disregard the obvious proof,
and cancer replicates, dying cause we poisoned our roots.