Filthy Hippie Music (2012)

by Eastern Sunz

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released March 23, 2012

Filthy Hippie Music

Produced by Matthew Lord

Threads ft. Poeina Suddarth

Produced by Taj

Early Grave

Produced by Smoke

The Fire

Produced by Da Cypha

I Am The Walrus

Produced by Smoke

Filthy Hippie Music Pt. II

Produced by Timeless Beats

All songs were recorded, mixed, and mastered by Zebulan Dak at Momentum Studios. All scratching by DJ Spark. Photography by Ian Stout. Artwork by Brenda Parra.

All rights reserved. Eastern Sunz Copyright 2012.



all rights reserved


Eastern Sunz Portland

Eastern Sunz provide a fresh take on sociopolitical issues which has landed them the Independent Music Award for Album of the Year, the Eco Arts Awards Grand Prize, first place in the International Songwriting Competition, and the John Lennon songwriting contest grand prize. ... more

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Track Name: Filthy Hippie Music

ladies and gentleman, Sunz got the medicine
less time to speak on the weak or who we're better than
relax and settle in, concise and relevant
I'm bound to rep for my fam till justice evident
we're moving sure-footed through a world filled with bad men
who stick you for your civil liberties like chinese
son I'm from Ashland, I'm old-fashioned so now and then
hit the wilderness, clutching my pen
dwindling supplies of oxygen from slashed trees
spit those activist raps until I can't breath
a freedom fighter's heritage deep rooted with the blood of ancestors persecuted
Sunz move fluid, hope you listen to it.


they tell us tone it down, but I ain't trying to hear that
we step onto the stage and move the crowds like tear gas
incite a riot or incite a sea of smiles
son I've never been the type to let the critics cramp my style
Sunz is the crew, and Oregon's the origin
regulators mount up, it's time to go to war again
give em hell, when in doubt, chew em up, spit em out
they ain't about what you about, talking loud, moving mouths
hit em with the heart, hearts don't lie
stand up straight now, look em in the eye
gotta walk before you run, and run before you fly
son we see a lot of shit, but we never say die
hit em with the hope, cause hope trumps fear
and remove the smoke so the folks see clear
focus on the future, make the most of what's here
we do a lot of shit, but we don't disappear.
Track Name: Threads (featuring Poeina Suddarth)

make love not war, smoke pot not tobacco
never grow old too fast unless you have to
learn from your mistakes, or better yet learn from others
never let the darkness take you under (under)
every now and then, I get a little tao and zen
ignore the who, what, where, why, how, and when
overpowerin fate, destiny's bastard child
gets so crazy at times, that you have to smile
I can flexible and roll with the punches
it's all of these kicks in the balls that are the toughest
the situations got me, locked in quite a quandary
gotta sort out my life, but I don't even sort my laundry
sort of an anomaly distorted by autonomy
sure to gain strength from all the weight thats put on top of me
and nothings gonna stand in my way except just about everything hell with it, let us sing

Chorus (Poeina Suddarth)

tangled in the threads of all the little things we do
when the dark consumes the night and sunlight's dancing 'cross the moon
well you might just find me out to dry, hanging under the carefree charcoal sky
wangled in the threads, trying to spread my wings and


I used to think this shit was all about a contract
rocked a thousand shows across the planet, moved beyond that
Put pen to paper motivate to write a bomb rap
too young for alcohol but send you off to combat
While rap game a popularity contest
for broke niggas with inferiority complex
So quote my shit, please don't take it out of context
a touch street knowledge mixed with academic concepts
Jet back to Inglewood, kick it with the fam
getting blazed with a gram of Jack Herer in my hand
God damn, cops'll kill you rocking a tan
keep my game tight so everything's according to plan
On this planet of poverty, riches, and shows
love when fans know my flows from the start to the close
Win some and lose some, man that's just how it goes
Same brother riding highs struggling hard through the lows and yo.
Track Name: Early Grave

Pops told me grow up and cash in,
Been dealt a strong hand, and most this planet aint got no compassion
Strickly violence everlasting, get your fucking face blast in
Cause homie they aint even asking
We came up out the woods
Kept it real like the projects
Got respect from the hoods
For the beats and the concepts
Corporates went and took our planet hostage
privatizing net gains, and socializing losses


Phonies step to the mic, y'all soft and delicate
Every tale catch a spin from those who tellin it
On behalf of my crew, family, and delegate
Don't play the role and I aint ever been been
come on.
We put it all on the line and never hesitant
Catch the spark of success, others melevolent
Cause they recycled the old, became irrelevent
I'd rather spit a gem intelligent


There's not a lot to believe in anymore but here's to hopin'
we wasted all our faith on Obama and Greg Oden
from the City of Roses to the city of Oakland
officers offin' folks out in the open
if it's just another yo then it's mostly unspoken
just another day on a block that stays broken
fiends keep smokin' as a means to keep copin'
opportunity knocks, but the doors, they don't open
justice is blind and illiterate at braille
a little bit of money, everybody is for sale
we bail out businesses that's too big to fail
while you're waitin' on your welfare checks in the mail
they hold the hammer and they see us all as nails
up shits creek without a paddle or a sail
the right spin lies and the left chase tails
tracks get laid but the trains get derailed
Track Name: The Fire

The writings on the wall, but we're staring at the ground
while the entire empire's wires unwound
there's cracks in the crown, pass it all around
as our souls get stolen and sold by the pound
they vilify the little guy and little by little by
little they divide us down the middle line with little lies
until they fill our minds and drill until we're ill inside
who am I to criticize? I'm just another philistine
I ain't the kind of bloke to ever mess with a dress code
find me in the grimiest spots on the West Coast
E to the A to the S... you know the rest though
me TravisT and cure for rage in the flesh so
grab your best bowl, light it up and let's go
liven up the mood tonight and write a manifesto
you can be heard or be herded like a sheep
be the early bird or get murdered in your sleep


in this hostile environment, yall wonder where the fire went
acended masters sent back to earth, come out retirement
wonder where the fire went
where the fire went
where the fire went
where the where the fire went


My planet dangerous and violent, but also beautiful and silent,
ease back and reflect wondering where time went
It's ill out in these fucking streets, days accumulate to weeks,
still we gotta find a way to eat
Blood and sweat until the mission's complete, y'all know the drill,
stakes so high that folks get physically ill like frozen steel
Against your face or winds of 90 at ease
blowing roofs off of the houses and uprooting the trees
Getting dead zones in various seas,
four-leggeds hunted at nefarious fees, at the expense of species
My thesis, I'm a try to rock this shit for the streets,
but if we're gonna find solution we just got to dig deep
So close your eyes, just say fuck it and leap, word is bond,
from the time I hit the stage, until the day that I'm gone
From my experience the people been incredibly fond,
of the emcee who keeps it real because the others are gone.


cash rules everything around me, but not me
everybody's trying to get that cream with their coffee
chasing opium pipe dreams, high off the poppy
I've seen some acheived, some deferred, and some copied
if happiness is water then I want to see a tsunami
move across teh world and consume everybody
if you ain't got me, then probably you a zombie
try not to lose your mind and keep it moving like pilates
play with fire get burned, play with ice and get froze
destroy your life when you're playing with that yayo in your nose
just a way to get by and to cope I suppose
sort of sad some of those are my friends and heroes
life is fucked up, down, left, right, and diagnal
grab the bull by the horns, grab the pot by the handle,
grab the horse by the reigns when you hop into the saddle
if you want to be the champ, you got to box with your shadow
Track Name: I Am The Walrus

Magical Mystery, Tour Across the Universe to picture me
in sound gardens that belong to Sheik of Araby
A Day Tripper walk the road to the abbey,
keep my herbs pungent with my head nappy
Was told that Happiness the Warm Gun
and Life the Carnival of Light, keep The Word up on the Tip of My Tounge
I Fix a Hole where the pain gets in to stop a nine from wondering
Revolution what I'm pondering
This Bird Has Flown from the mind of my dome
Up Long and Winding Roads to bump it while you're rolling your cone
So Dig It. I keep it real like the Fool on the Hill
then follow Penny Lane(s) till I return to Strawberry Fields
I hit the weed with thoughts of John Lennon smoking dope
so peep this shit that I wrote, just a dream and a quote
Who paint the sky with diamonds, forecast says it's hard to call it
keep ivory polished, I Am The Walrus.
Track Name: Filthy Hippie Music Pt. II

Courage standing next to mountain, with the mic in my hand
Phony rappers hit the exits just as fast you can
Bring the ruckus like the state of Iran
Got chy'all kicking the can, like foreign soldiers on Arabian sands
I don't give a fuck y'all can either call it otherwise or conscience
Wack rappers to the stage and spitting fucking nonsense
I slay a rapper eat his style up in 16 bars
Then run you over with a luxury car
This Eastern Sunz, how the fuck I'll be impressed by the star
Heroes change to colleuges now and then we're raising the bar
Put this shit in reverse, respect the earth and put the family first
From the cradle till I'm back to the dirt, I'll give it all that it's worth
Always spit the realest to guarantee my soldiers feel it
Chosen people, sword in the stone, my niggas wield it
Daddy from the slums, want my people out the projects
Treadmill of production holding everybody hostage


Y'all can throw your hands to the atmos
And watch this Sunz sound throw this world off it's axis
Let's break it down to money, death, and taxes
A decade in the game and a thousand shows for practice
Peep the brainwashed, spiritually lost
We slay the counterfeits and hooligans no matter the cost, y'all
Said we rise like the east, bring the heat like the sun
In a perilous world, watch the damage get done


They say hit em with the hot shit, that's what they want kid
lookin for the latest pop trend? This is not it
this right here is that grown folks music
we're ringin the alarm and these suckers stay snoozin
gotta stay tuned in to everything their doin
gotta keep tabs and track every single movement
big brother is watchin, but who's watchin big brother?
When documents are covered up and cops stay undercover
two ears one mouth, talk less listen more
consider us a filter for the messengers who misinform
sick of the supply side, trickle down, give it up
start it at the bottom, help the people then trickle up
they hit us with fear now... are you experienced?
we're livin' in a Stanford prison experiment
we gotta keep spittin it from city to city
sittin pretty, getting busy over flipped Jimi, ya'll with me?
Track Name: Theme From An Imaginary L*ve Story (Bonus Track)

I'm nothing special, might as well let you know now/
so don't get your hopes up, cause I will let you down/
I'm not sure how you see me, but I'm not as I appear/
I just try and tell you what I think you want to hear/
who fuck the fuck am I? I'm just another guy/
who's got nothing to lose but your trust and my pride/
plus my mind, and possibly my time/
they say time is money, every breath is a dime/
so don't hold yours and I won't hold mine/
and then we won't be mad when the sun don't shine/
I have nothing to offer the world, I'm sorry goodbye/
turn around, walk away, don't worry you'll be fine/
I know it can be tough to go alone but still I try/
it doesn't matter, I'm just killing time until I die/
and after that I'll be easily replaced/
after all I've just been temporarily filling in the blanks/
see I am who I am so either take me or leave me/
or leave me alone, you're not making it easy/
I truly wish it was for the both of us, believe me/
but the suns got it's rain and the days got it's evening/
you might know the half, but sure but you don't know the whole of it/
I have an amazing way of pissing people off without knowing it/
I know this though, I'm no better than the next man/
I'm hard to read like a letter written with my left hand/
a closed book to most, and for those that try and open it/
eventually give up when they realize it's hopeless/
I wallow in my solitude, it's all that I got/
so please don't take it personal, believe it's not/
I'm far from flawless, and full of contradiction/
no apologies, I've given you an honest self description/
don't get your hopes up, cause I will let you down/
I'm nothing special, might as well let you know now/
The longest hello and the shortest goodbye/
and I can't for the life of me understand why/
one hell of a road and one hell of a ride/
but if it's all the same I think next time I'll fly/
I pick up the pieces and I pick up the glue/
and I put them together, but it still isn't you/
so I find someone new, and I try to do/
whatever it was that you wanted me to/
then I stumble for answers, and trip over words/
misunderstood and just wish I was heard/
screams sound like whispers, the picture is blurred/
I guess I'm just getting the mess I deserve/
Love is universal, but the reversal is love'll curse you /
love'll burn you, love'll harm you, love'll hurt you/
love'll turn to pain, but pain is also universal/
it was heaven when it started, now hell is where the heart is/
merely just memory gone, dearly departed/
the grass is always greener... except for when it's browner/
here I go again, I always had to be a downer/
the air that you breathe, I guess I'll take when you leave/
cause you've effected me more than you would ever believe/
naive's a great color on you, it matches your eyes/
and does such a fantastic job of... masking the lies/
it flips my mind like if 6 was 9/
so much so that it seems to make me sick sometimes/
Mr calm, Mr rational, Mr sane/
Mr must have missed the memo where it all got explained/
I was drinking when I wrote this, so forgive me if it goes astray/
never been a prince so tell me what am I supposed to say?/
what am I supposed to think? how am I supposed to feel?
been here many times but it's never been this close to real/
for awhile we were really on a roll/
I thought we might be soulmates, but you ain't got a soul/
in the beginning it was innocent, now look at what it's come to/
fuck you I love you, fuck you I love you/
fuck you I love you, fuck you I love you/
fuck you I love you, fuck you I love you/
fuck you I love you, fuck you I love you/